I Lost my Car…Again.

I had a great weekend. Until I lost my car. This is not an infrequent event but it was really bad this time and recovery took about three hours.

Here’s how it all went down: I went into D.C to meet a friend for a birthday dinner and parked a few streets from her place. I was feeling really proud of myself for 1.) Finding a spot I was allowed to park in and 2.) Parallel parking. It took me maybe five minutes to get to her apartment so I didn’t think much of it. Until the party was over and I had to find my car. And I had no idea where it was. You see, I have no internal GPS. I can barely tell left from right and I have been known to get lost in a restaurant. The sense of orientation part of my brain is missing. So my friend and I walked around looking for it with no luck for about 45 minutes. Then we drove around with no luck for about 45 minutes. Finally I told her to please go home because it was her birthday and driving around Dupont looking for someone’s car isn’t exactly the best way to spend one’s birthday. I told her not to worry; I’d take care of it. And by take care of it I mean I called my Mom and begged her to rescue me.

So there I was, sitting in front of the Dupont Circle Hotel close to midnight feeling very sorry for myself (and a little bit like a failure in life…who loses a car???) and there came my family rolling down New Hampshire Avenue in true Colombian fashion: My Mom, Dad and cousin made a family event out of the rescue mission. If my grandma and great aunts had been around they probably would’ve come too. And so we began our long and complicated journey to locate my car. It felt a little bit like we were a naïve hillbilly family in the big city for the first time because none of us is really all that familiar with D.C, but I had a few clues: I knew I had passed 14 and R streets on my way to my friend’s place, I was pretty sure I had parked on a narrow one- way street with a red and white Monday street cleanup sign (apparently all D.C streets have such signs) and I was pretty sure it was a short street. So we twisted and turned down all the narrow streets we could find in Dupont and finally, my car was miraculously found! This is the nice thing about having family around…I mean, how many other people would be willing to drive 25 miles to help you remedy a situation of your own stupid doing? And where was it found? On an alley-way type street at the intersection of R and 14th. I don’t know how I missed it. I really need to start using iphone technology so I stop losing my car.

So my question is: What do you do if you lose your car in D.C and really can’t find it?

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  1. Muy divertida tu historia.

    about your last question.. umm…

    ¿llamar a Los Magníficos ( The A -Team)?

  2. hmmm….I don’t understand…

  3. Veo que has cambiado la foto de tu perfil.
    Te ves linda en ambas.

  4. hey, i don’t know why i have continued to accept your blog???? i ask myself that. 2 years ago, i went to nueva granada…..way the fuck up the mountain, to do some volunteer teaching to orphans or barrio kids who seemed to have it rough. 33 days. loved it; the students loved it. caught pneumonia and had to get back to miami before i was entirely delirious. somehow in the mix, i connected with your site. interesting at times. drive and fluff at other times. i respect your apparant interest and attempts to be honest. just don’t sugar-candy your problems.
    anyway, it’s late, and i have 25 eigth graders waiting for some information at 8:00 a.m for me, or maybe they have othet, more important issues on their minds
    hey, if you ever come to baca raton, look me up. kinda feel that first, second date conversations have passed. you might want to make sure i’m n ot a pedophile or axe-mirderer. ha ha…..talk later, perhaps

  5. Thanks for the comment. I think I remember you commenting about your experiences abroad several years ago…it’s too bad you got sick and had to go back, but it sounds like the time you were able to spend there was meaningful.

    As for the blog…I’m trying to figure out what to write about right now. When I was in Colombia and Panama there were lots of interesting things to write about, but now that I’m back in my home town, I see things through mostly familiar eyes and it’s tougher to find a niche.

    If I ever go to Boca Raton I will keep that in mind. Sounds like a good vacation spot when the D.C winter gets too cold. My guess is that if you are teaching eighth grader they’ve (hopefully) all ready done a background check!

    • ha ha………trust me, my life has ben scrutinized. not looking to hit on you or anything, but i just enjoy the conversation. am here late for me. need to get into bed. only 27 more school days in palm beach county. not that i’m counting. at this stage of life, to have 2 1/2 months off with my check (albeit modest) arriving every two weeks. i kinda like that! san antonio for sure. sedona? i’m not that deep. love san fran and the northern cally f coast. maybe macchu picchu? nah, too much money. who knows? anyway, thanks for your reply. feel as though i’m speaking with you directly. anyway, later. john

  6. This story sounds all too familiar to me! I think I myself have journeyed out to help find your car… RTC. lol! And more recently… Arlington! You need to invest in a lojack system for your car/everything!! 🙂

  7. Done that before. Here’s what you do. 1. Keep a little notepad in the car. 2. Park. 3. Scribble the address and cross-street where you parked. 4. Put it in your wallet or purse. 5. Remember that you have the address written down when you start looking for your car again.

  8. Or send yourself an email if you have a smart phone.

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