I Need to Think of a Ridiculous Way to Get Rich, Just Like Peter La Anguila Did.

So my Miami cousin introduced me to this brilliant and profound song by the young Cuban/Miami “singer” Peter la Anguila. For all you non-Spanish speakers out there, this translates to “Peter the Eel.” When you see Peter, you will know why he is Peter the Eel. This particular song is “El Estilo de Peter la Anguila” and features the handsome Peter frolicking on the beach in a colorful striped speedo. And it was apparently a major hit in south Florida.

Because of his sexy dance moves, Peter is living large in Miami while I’m living not-so-large in Centreville. Let’s be honest: I’m not a giant, ridiculously skinny Cuban dude with braces, and I definitely can’t pull off a rainbow colored speedo or get my groove on the way Peter can, but there must be something I can do to get rich fast…because Sallie Mae is slowly killing me. Seriously, I pay and pay and nothing happens! So I started thinking of ways to achieve instant riches and decided to videotape my cousin and brother doing their interpretation of this modern musical marvel. Only to discover there are already thousands of Peter la Anguila interpretations out there! Oh well, I guess we’ll have to keep on brainstorming.

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