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This is always fun. Search terms that have lead viewers to my blog in the last month:

Colombian men in relationships

Colombian pickup lines

Prostitutes in Panama

Colombian prostitution in Panama

http://www.prostitutes in

Colombian boyfriend

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Want to know Colombian men

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Trails at Great Falls

Colombian Girl pickup lines

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Columbian men are womanizers

Panama beer market characteristics

Pickup lines for Colombian men blog

Why don’t Colombian guys go away

Vamoose bus

Colombian men and their culture

Bull Run Winery Manassas VA

Glencaryln +Virginia + waterfall

Bluemont Park Arlington

Parque 93 blog

Pats in Panama

What do Colombian men expect from women?

Charles Stuart Cochrane

Nomad life goodbyes

Fatter people

Colombian guys flirt

Colombian men + infidelity

How good is Bogota gay nightlife

How to flirt with a Colombian man

Hiking in Northern Virginia

Fotos fajas fancy

Colombian men dating

What to expect of your Colombian boyfriend

I don’t recommend Colombian men

Bad experience Colombian guys

Spanish guy dancing in speedo

Colombia men blogspot

Translation las simples cosas

Bogota Colombia

+58 unknown search terms


Who would have known there was such global interest in Colombian men?

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2 replies

  1. These are my favorite kinds of posts ever 🙂

    So, do we have your definitive thoughts on Colombian men? Also, would you be open to dating/marrying one in the future?

    • Katie, I was at an Argentine restaurant a few days ago with my grandma and I overheard this Argentine woman telling this other lady that she wouldn’t wish a Colombian man on her worst enemy. When the lady asked why the Argentine woman said “you think you’re their girlfriend and then one day three other women show up and they also think they are his girlfriend.”

      My whole family laughed and said that sounded about right. I know that there are probably some wonderful Colombian men out there So I would never say never. If you know of one who doesn’t live with his mother , has a job, doesn’t drink too much and believes in fidelity, let me know because they are fun. But in general, life and relationships are hard enough and I don’t want to have to worry about all these things in addition.

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