Cheapest Pizza Ever?

If you’re ever feeling simultaneously hungry and poor, I recommend Little Caesars Pizza. I often feel this way so imagine my delight when I discovered Little Caesars Pizza in Springfield today. For only $5, you get an entire pizza! That’s a better deal than Costco — if you are a first or second generation American you know exactly what I’m talking about). You only get three choices: Cheese, sausage or pepperoni and it’s not the world’s best pizza, but for $5, you can’t expect too much. Pizza connoisseurs (is there such a thing?) who enjoy vegetable toppings and paying $15 for thin crust artisan pizza will probably be disappointed, but I’m not particularly demanding when it comes to pizza…as long as it has tomato sauce and cheese I’m happy.


What you can get for $5.

What you can get for $5.

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