Interior Bike Lanes

Buffered bike lane.

Buffered bike lane.

According to my brother, most city bike paths in Copenhagen are on the inside of car parking lanes so that bikers feel safer. I was in D.C near the U-Street neighborhood this past Saturday and was surprised to see this kind of bike lane on a few blocks. It actually makes a lot of sense…I know I’d feel a lot safer riding my bike next to a parked car rather than next to moving traffic. This is one way in which Bogotá is actually more advanced than D:C: In some parts of the city, bike lanes are completely segregated from moving traffic — bikes have their own lane adjacent to the sidewalk, which reduces a lot of anxiety about possibly being hit by a car (or in the case of Bogotá, a motorcycle or speeding bus). I guess you do have to watch out for car doors opening though.

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