Jogging Club

Yesterday my friend Kim joined me and Tanya for our second jogging club get together. My best friend was in the hospital for a couple of weeks so we went off the program while she got better, but now we’re back! Though not better than ever. We only had to run 45 seconds at a time though, so really, it wasn’t that bad. I’m thinking that deciding to become a jogger in summer probably wasn’t the best idea…I’d kind of forgotten about 100% humidity but I’m committed now and there’s no going back. We’ve actually met twice in less than a month and I consider that a success even though we haven’t moved past week 1 of the program. Oh well. Slowly but surely, right? We’ll be meeting at 6:45 on Tuesdays if any one is interested in joining us and doesn’t mind our glacial pace.

This is us before we started our jog. Our post-jog look wasn't very good.

This is us before we started our jog. Our post-jog look wasn’t very good. Kim got lost and I couldn’t help her with directions so she didn’t join us until later.

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  2. Great work! Running is ALL mental. The fact that you are willing to stick to your goal even though you really don’t want to is a marker for a successful runner. Running is all about continuing when its the last thing you want to do! It absolutely will get easier : )


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