Online Dating Lesson #2

Maybe this should be my next profile picture. Things could only go up from here.

Maybe this should be my next profile picture. Things could only go up from here.

It’s probably better to under promise and over deliver than to over promise and under deliver. At least when it comes to the whole looks portion of your online profile.

I think this is one of the major online dating dilemmas: Do you post really flattering pictures of yourself that happened to be taken in a moment of perfect lighting when your hair and makeup happened to be perfect and the camera angle happened to make you look 200 pounds lighter? Even if these pictures look absolutely nothing like you? (Knowing you’ll get lots of hits).


Do you post “cute” but not overly flattering pictures knowing you can probably make yourself look better on an actual face-to-face date? (Knowing you may not be going on all that many dates because you probably won’t be getting as many hits). And just write a really fun, approachable and intriguing profile? People tend to exaggerate on their profiles in order to give themselves a competitive edge any way they can…for example, I know 6’0 really means 5’10 (at best) and curvy really means Ok, so I could stand to lose 20 pounds (at best). So if we all know we’re all lying just a little bit should I just post the flattering pics? It’s a tough call.  But in the end, why try to promise Gisele Bundchen when I can only deliver Jisel Me? Not that my most miraculously flattering pictures are anywhere near Gisele Bundchen level…I think in my best photographic moments I’m closer to DJ Tanner.

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  1. Estoy seguro que muchos hombres apuestos preferirían a Jisel y no a Gisele Bundchen. Nice picture.

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