Search Terms Part II: Skinny Spanish Guy Dancing in Speedo

I’ve decided to dedicate a search terms answer/explanation post to non-Colombian man related searches that lead to my blog. Although the vast majority of searches that lead to my blog are still related to Colombia and Colombian men, lately I’ve been getting some search hits for subjects I’ve written about recently. So if any of my readers out there want a more in-depth exploration of recent search terms, please keep reading!

1.) Skinny guy dancing in speedo/Peter dancing in speedo/Skinny Spanish guy dancing in speedo: I assume these searches are looking for Peter la Anguila. Youtube rudely blocked the videos I’d posted of Peter happily frolicking on a Miami beach in a rainbow-colored speedo, but if you type “El Estilo de Peter la Anguila” in Youtube’s search option, I promise you will find exactly what you’ve been l0oking for.

2.) Benning Road Library:  This is likely referring to the Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library in the Kenilworth/Mahanning neighborhood of North east D.C (3935 Benning Road NE, Washington D.C 20019, (202) 281-2583), a relatively new, LEED-certified DC public library. Unfortunately, I visited the library on Sunday, the only day it’s closed, so I didn’t get to explore the inside, but the building was beautiful and innovative from the outside. You can see a picture of the library here.

3.) Smart People in Arlington: I am currently fascinated by Arlington, not only because there are so many smart, driven wealthy young people here, but because I think they have a great park and public transportation system and because I think the area has been relatively well-developed. It’s not exactly my dream location because it just doesn’t have the same sense of character and history you find in D.C and older neighborhoods, but still, I’m intrigued. You can read my posts about Clarendon, Glencarlyn, Bon Air and Bluemont Parks, the lack of fat people in Arlington, the Arlington happy hour scene, a great Clarendon coffeehouse, the competitive nature of the Arlington/DC social scene and dating in D.C/Arlington if you’re interested in learning more about Arlington culture. And a few fun facts about Arlington: 93% of residents have a high school diploma and nearly 71% have a B.A. 71% is a crazy number…the Virginia average is in the low 30s. 29.1% of the population speaks a language other than English at home and 23.4% are foreign-born. Also, there are an average of 8,252 people per square mile, which is probably more than most U.S cities. I love statistics! My friend recently sent me this article so not only is the D.C area smart, but it’s also fit.

4.) Best cappuccino in Arlington: I should take this moment to confess that I’m not much of a coffee drinker. This is wrong on many fronts because: 1.) I am Colombian, 2.) I am a writer and liberal arts major 3.) I live in an educated urban area 4.) I love coffeehouses and cafes. So truth be told, I have no idea where the best cappuccinos in Arlington are. I liked the ones at Northside Social OK enough, but I can’t say I’m overly familiar with the Arlington coffee  scene. So if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment.

5.) Dating D.C: You can read about my experiences dating in D.C here. I’ll admit most of my experiences have been limited to online dating because honestly, I have no idea where you meet guys in the real world. My friends and I did recently purchase a speed dating groupon and I can’t wait to blog about that…but if anyone has any real-world dating suggestions I’d be glad to hear them. When I go out, I usually go out in a group of three to five girls, which is probably intimidating for guys. Then I joined this hiking club in the hopes of meeting a rugged, outdoorsy type, but my fellow hikers turned out to be mostly elderly women. I work with all women and am terrible at sports, so it’s not like I can join a kickball league in the hopes of impressing anyone.

However, my experiences with online dating have led me to believe that like all things D.C, the D.C dating scene is highly competitive. For the most part, the guys I’ve gone out with have been highly educated, have good jobs, are in relatively good shape and seem to be looking for the same in a partner. And there do seem to be a relatively large option of single men in their late twenties through thirties so if you find yourself single at 28, there’s (probably?) still hope. I have a friend who lives in the south, where she says most people are married by their early 20s, making dating a lot harder. Any D.C dating stories would be appreciated.

6.) Trails at Great Falls: Great Falls is probably my favorite park in the D.C area and I’ve been there at least half a dozen times this year. You can read about my experiences hiking at Great Falls here and here.

7.) What does it mean when I dream about snakes? I have no idea but that sounds more like a nightmare than a dream…I did see a snake near my work on Four Mile Run…

8.) Mosaic District/Mosaic District Bars: I’ve actually gotten quite a few hits for the Mosaic District. I’ve only been here once, but found it to be a great mix of young professionals and families. Another bonus? It’s walking distance from the Dunn Loring/Merrifield Metro Station AND there’s free parking. You can read more about the Mosaic District here. I would say there’s more of a restaurant scene than a bar scene here, but you can check out your dining options here. I was at Matchbox the other day for happy hour, and they had a nice patio facing Strawberry Park, the mid-sized green space in the middle of the town center.

9.) Eye Color: Lately I’ve been getting a lot of hits for an eye color chart I posted years ago when I was living in Colombia. I became interested in eye color because Colombians are so interested in eye color. Very few people in the U.S ever comment on the fact that I have blue eyes, but in Colombia it was a daily thing, probably because light eyes aren’t as common. Anyways, I still think this chart is interesting!

Eye Color Chart.

Eye Color Chart.

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  1. …” if you find yourself single at 28, there’s (probably?) still hope.”… there is “hope” and opportunity at any age. Statistics can be deceiving and manipulated to say anything. The ratio of single/married, incomes, degrees etc don’t really mean a whole lot, except in marketing and politics (tax spending). Stanines just don’t work for love. 🙂 Love happens. 🙂

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