Walking — not Talking — Together

On my way home this morning I passed a middle-aged couple walking together. Whenever I see middle-aged or elderly couples walking, biking or doing any other kind of activity together I start feeling just a little bit warm and fuzzy inside because it makes me feel like there’s hope. Hope of what, I’m not sure. I guess hope of a healthy, long-lasting romantic relationship where you still want to go on a walk with your partner after however many years of being together? In any case, it’s a nice sight to see.

But today’s middle-aged couple — though they were walking together, side-by-side, perfectly in step with each other — both had headphones on and were listening not to each other, but to their respective music/audio book/podcast. A mixed message, but representative of most relationships, I suppose. And hey, if you still want to go on a walk together after 30 or 40 years of marriage, even if you need to wear headphones to make it a little more enjoyable, I think that still says something.


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  1. I totally agree with you..I love seeing that too!

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