Another Day, Another Snail’s Pace Jog

I was feeling motivated again this morning so I woke up early and went on another snail paced jog.  According to my newly downloaded pedometer, I walked/jogged 4,158 steps. Not too bad  and I’m feeling like that’s a pretty good start to the day!

During my jog I was listening to an old Radiolab podcast about bliss that explores why and how we come upon bliss, whether momentary or long-term. You can listen to the original here. The first segment of the podcast features a Norwegian guy named Aleksander Gamme who did a months-long trek of the arctic. On day 86, he comes back to his second-to-last cache buried in the snow and discovers that he stored cheese doodles and bars of chocolate there. He lets out this joyous, uncensored scream of utter bliss — he’s hungry, he’s lost 55 pounds and he had completely forgotten about the buried chocolate and cheese doodles. The broadcaster asks him if he had ever experienced that kind of bliss before, and I found myself thinking, have I ever experienced that kind of bliss? I don’t think that I have, but watching that video I can completely imagine it and I almost feel it. What, besides finding, seeing or hearing something wonderfully unexpected can cause that level of joy?  

I don’t know if YouTube will take it down, but you can watch Aleksander Gamme’s bliss video here: 

or click

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