Family Resemblance?

My parents recently sold our house and are in the process of going through box after box of “memories.” It’s hard to throw away memories, but are they actually valuable if they’re stored away in some box you’ll only ever open every 10 or 20 years when you change houses? It’s a tough call. Anyway, my mom found her old college I.D card from when she was 19 or 20, and I can see the family resemblance (though in different ways) in my siblings and I. Then my dad got jealous and e-mailed me a picture of him when he was about the same age. So which genes are stronger? The Perilla genes or the Van Hemeryck genes?

My mom in 1978 around age 20. This was her college I.D card at el Externado de Colombia.

My mom in 1978 around age 20. This was her college I.D card at el Externado de Colombia.

My dad around age 19.

My dad around age 19.

It wasn’t easy to find a picture of me, my sister and my brother with the same serious expression around the same age, but I did my best:

Me at age 24.

Me at age 24.

My sister at age 22.

My sister at age 22.

My brother age 22.

My brother age 22.

Can you see the family resemblance? I’d say we all inherited the Perilla nose. 

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  1. You look just like your mom!

  2. Now I really understand why every time we travel in colombia together everyone says you look just like yohanna. I think Ivan looks mostly like your dad and tati got a bit of both. There is no escaping family. With my parents here carlo keeps telling me different things I do like my mom or like my dad.

  3. Hey, I think it would be interesting to read a post about your family backgrounds. For example, neither of your parents look (at least in these picture) “Latin”, or at least what are stereotypically identified as Latin/Hispanic features. And your mom’s maiden name obviously points to Europe. Do you think they or you or any of your siblings look “Colombian”? Do you stand out as a foreigner down there? If you see/meet a white Colombian, is it pretty safe to assume that they are wealthy/upper class/privileged?

    • Katie — interesting idea. Maybe I’ll post some grandparent pictures when my parents move into their new houses and boxes are unpacked.My dad’s side is pure Colombian, my mom is half Colombian, one quarter Scottish and one quarter Belgian. I guess those quarters were pretty strong though…

      Maybe I’ll write an article on Colombia and race in the near future!

      Reganking2013. I don’t know that my Dad saw it as a mark of pride…I think he just wanted the world (OK, so my 13 loyal readers) to see him when he was young (and had hair)!

  4. I think it’s cute your Dad got jealous and wanted to get in on the act! It’s weird how competitive parents get over who kids look most like – understandable, but it’s such a random toss up of DNA and whatnot, it’s funny that people see it as a mark of pride!

  5. Very Beautiful pictuews

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