The Penguin and the Polar Bear

My parents recently sold their house and are moving into a new one on Thursday. So today we all got together through go through our giant “memory box” a white plastic chest consisting mostly of elementary school projects. Doing this made me remember how much I loved elementary school…all the art projects, stories, coloring…those were the days. So I found this first grade masterpiece about a penguin and a polar bear which I will publish exactly as it appeared in my first grade notebook:

The penguin and the POLAR BEAR by Jisel Perilla

Once upon a time ther lived a lonly polar bear. In a very soft voice he said…If only I had a friend. One morning for his surprise he found a penguin in his bating sooti (?) NOOOOOO, And the penguin said…..Do you whant to go — swimming? HHHHmmmm!

NOOO!!!!! I do not know how — to. “I will teach you.”







Well Okay. SO both of them went swimming. This is fun! And they becam very good frins.

The End.

How I miss the simplicity of first grade.

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  1. Awww! I would be so lonly without my very good frins, that’s for sure 😉

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