Why Can’t I Stop Taking Pictures of my Dog?

Maybe it’s because I’m almost 29 and don’t have any kids. Maybe I’m destined to become one of those women who dress their dogs up in doggy outfits and takes them for walks in strollers. I’ve seen this in real life. Like this:

Dog in a stroller.

Dog in a stroller.

But I hope this isn’t the case. Anyway, in the last couple weeks, you’ve enjoyed a picture of Alfie getting his drink on and Alfie after a long day of lugging boxes. Now here’s Alfie relaxing at the end of the day with his nose in a magazine. Such an intelligent, curious little guy…

Alfie reading.

Alfie reading.

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5 replies

  1. I say own it!!!!!! Who cares. I take a lot of pictures of my cat. I probably should feel weird but I so don’t.

  2. Yup, what she said. Own it! Because our pets are so darn cute, we can’t help it.
    I love the picture 🙂

  3. Because he’s so darn cute. ( We are also guilty)

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