Getting Down to Harry Belafonte

Today I experienced an embarrassing moment. I’m on yet another fitness/health kick and I’ve started walking again during my lunch hour. However, walking is much more exciting with music, so I grabbed my cell phone, plugged in my headphones and decided on Harry Belafonte Pandora Radio. If Harry Belafonte’s tropical tunes can’t get you motivated on a cloudy  October day, then what can? I was leaving the office, feeling pumped, listening to “Cocoanut Woman” on full volume, then I stepped into the hallway and started getting some strange looks. Initially, I thought it was because I actually wore makeup today (well, eyeliner…) and let my hair down, so people were impressed by my sexy new look. But then, as I stepped into the bathroom a lady washing her hands looked up and said, “Wow, that’s some upbeat music!” As much as I love Harry Belafonte, I can’t help feeling a little embarrassed that everyone in my office, the hallway and the bathroom now knows my workout music of choice is Harry Belafonte circa 1957. Apparently, I didn’t plug in my headphones all the way and I was so focused on lunch-time exercise that I didn’t even notice.

Harry knows how to get down.

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  1. You’re adorable… and it’s happened to me, too (but not with Harry).

  2. Hey, every one can use a little Harry. Beats the heck out of heavy metal in my perspective. Or am I just showing my age. 🙂 –Curt

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