Lunch Crisis

It’s slow today at work and I have a frivolous lunch problem. I usually try to pack enough food to last me all day long, but it always seems to be gone by 11:30, especially on slow days, and then I have nothing to look forward to all day. I mean, I always have apples and oranges to look forward to (a dozen forgotten apples and oranges are patiently waiting for me in my work refrigerator) but all the good stuff (carbs) is gone by 11:30.

Today, I had my snack at 8:30, my second snack at 9:30 and my lunch at 10:30…and now I’m feeling sad. How can I make myself get more excited about apples???? I mean I have so many piled up but I can’t stop fantasizing about mozzarella sticks…

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  1. My daughter and I are counting calories. Yesterday she said Omg mom it is noon and I are all my calories. Today we are doing better. But we will only have 200 calories left for dinner! Ugh crisis is literally true! 😃

  2. Most my food usually gone by 11:30, too. I have a small bag of carrots with my name on ’em for the rest of this afternoon… Yum…

  3. What do you pack that is gone by 1130am? I am always looking for new ideas!

  4. Turn the apples into apple sauce and the carrots into carrot cake. If you put less sugar in the apple sauce and more carrots in the carrot cake, you might even be able to persuade that nagging little voice you are eating healthy. 🙂 –Curt

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