Accomplishments and Goals

Because a personal blog is nothing if not narcissistic and self-absorbed, I’ve decided to celebrate Christmas and prepare for the New Year by well, celebrating me. 

The following positive things happened this year:

1.) Everyone in my family is doing well and my life-long best friend is doing great after some really scary health issues.

My parents got a new house, my sister got engaged and my brother's moving to Pittsburgh for an internship!

My parents are both healthy and recently bought a new house, my sister got engaged to a very high-caliber guy and my brother’s moving to Pittsburgh for an internship!

2.) I am officially single and ready to mingle. It was a tough year with getting used to being on my own again after a three-year relationship, but lessons were learned, changes were made and there is no residual anger/resentment or bitterness. And hopefully there will be more mingling going on this year!

2.) I got a normal, 8-4 job with benefits and a salary. Sure, my after-tax earnings turned out to be a little less than I expected, but for the most part, I can afford my life now.  And I get paid holidays! And vacations. And sick leave. Which is actually quite nice.

(This is not how I actually earn my living).

3.) I moved out. While it’s been nice living at home (so nice I almost didn’t want to move out due to tasty, warm dinners every night, free laundry facilities on-site, rent-controlled living quarters, and there never being a lonely/dull moment) I decided the time had come for me to move out so I got a place in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. I plan to have some new-neighborhood blog posts in the near future.

5.) I ran a 5k , the greatest athletic feat of my life. As you can probably infer, there have not been very many athletic accomplishments in my life. I’m pretty awful at every sport I try and the same holds true for running, but this time I actually followed through despite my lack of natural talent. A 5K isn’t t exactly a marathon and my pace was less than stellar, but I’m still feeling pretty proud!

I can't say I enjoy running, but at least now I can say I actually CAN run.

I can’t say I enjoy running, but at least now I can say I actually CAN run.

Of course, I have some goals for next year. Some of these are:

1.) Get in shape. I think this is the single biggest thing holding me back at this point. My first fitness goal is this, a fun 10K in Richmond. Anybody want to sign up with me? And anyone interested in working out/running together??

2.) I need more money in the bank. I don’t exactly have millionaire aspirations, but it would be nice to be comfortable. Now that I’m paying non-subsidized rent and am back in school money will be a little tight, so maybe it’s time to learn to invest, and, as my friend Nora said the other day, “make money work for me.”

3.) Become more extroverted. I’m a lifelong introvert. I have no illusions that I’m suddenly going to wake up and be the kind of girl who’s the life of the party/a social butterfly, but now that I’ll be living just a few miles outside D.C, I have no excuse for not going out, socializing, meeting people and doing things.

4.) Do a better job of staying in touch with people. Specifically, I’m going to make it a priority to talk to each of my grandmas at least once a week.

5.) Do my best/try my hardest most of the time in most aspects of my life (career, school, social, family, personal, etc).

So Merry Christmas and here’s to a happier, healthier, richer, more vibrant 2014!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and congrats on the 5K. Happy New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas, Ji! Keep on rockin.

  3. Love this and Love you! ❤


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