I’m Pretty Much in Love with this Guy

He has tons of beginner workouts you can do for free AND he requires minimal equipment –just dumb bells so you don’t have to make much of an investment. Also, he’s doesn’t yell at you the whole time like some deranged, cocaine-fueled infomercial announcer dude, which is kind of nice. I hate when exercise video people yell at you or are too enthusiastic and over the top with their whole can do motivational talk/yell thing. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want when I feel like I’m about to die is some guy getting in my face and telling me pain is gain.

I think I’m going to try his 90-day fitness challenge workout program…except it’s probably going to turn into a 180 day challenge because I can’t commit to daily workouts with the same guy. I need variety in my life. Anyone want to join me? I have a large-screen Apple TV, great views of D.C AND we can be in great shape by early May (or early August, if it becomes a 180-day thing).

I think I need new dumb bells though:

Trader Joe's refried pinto bean dumb bells. It's like I'm getting in touch with my inner Latina/yuppie/physically fit self all at once.

Trader Joe’s refried pinto bean dumb bells, simultaneously Latin and yuppie, just like me.

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  1. I love your dumbbells… And I’m glad you found someone who doesn’t yell! If I ever stumble into a yoga class with a really pumped up teacher who’s all about “taking it to the limit” or something, I make it a point to never go to that teacher’s classes again.

    Also, your inability to commit to one guy, every day, for 90 days = hilarious.


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