Did Miley Cyrus Get a Tongue Extension?

Every once in a while I enjoy going through the search terms that lead visitors to my blog. I still get a lot of hits pertaining to Colombian men (how do you flirt with one? Are they good in bed? Are they faithful? What’s up with their moms?), but lately these search terms have been diversifying a little and it seems random people are arriving at my blog looking for more than information about Colombian men. I won’t bore you with the more typical, normal search terms, but I thought I’d share some of the more unique, specific search terms that lead people to my little blog. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Thong volleyball
  • Chubby girl in thong
  • Did Miley Cyrus get a Tongue extension?
  • Ingested a ton of calories from gum
  • How to compliment a Colombian guy
  • Lithuanian girls getting married to Colombian men
  • Post too many pictures of my dog (me too).
  • Cankles cartoon
  • Where to find good prostitutes in Panama
  • How does a lean guy look in a speedo?
  • Most nostalgic towns in America (this seems like it would be a fun blog post to write)
  • Man in glasses wearing a thong
  • Unyielding nomadic urges
  • How to pay for your nomadic lifestyle (seriously, how?)
  • Hipster hangouts Arlington
  • How much money do I need to open a grocery store?
  • Blind as a bat sexy girl
  • Why do people settle for mediocrity?
  • American girl no boyfriend
  • I hate Colombian women (uh oh…sounds like someone had a bad experience)
  • What to do if attacked by a fox
  • How do hispters filter in photoshop?
  • Hispanic skinny guy dancing at beach

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4 replies

  1. So the question becomes, what do you do if attacked by a sexy Columbian fox with an extended tongue who just happens to be wearing a thong? 🙂 –Curt

  2. Wow.. you get asked a lot of dumb questions! Haven’t had success with Latin men just yet, but they seem to like Caribbean descended women.. Good news for me then..

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