Can you Guess my Ethnicity?

First of all, this is me:

This is my face. Can you guess my ethnic background?

This is my face. Can you guess my ethnic background?

A few weeks ago on a boring, lonesome Friday night, I decided to order one of those test-at-home mail-in DNA tests. Well, this morning I got the results. Any guesses on what I might be? A few hints: I’m short, just over 5’1 with a stocky, full-figured build, blue/green eyes, medium brown hair and a complexion prone to lobster-like sunburn, but no freckles. I have pretty pronounced cheekbones buried under a chubby face, a small mouth and a relatively small nose. My DNA profile showed that I’m pretty much what I thought I was, but in very different proportions. It turns out that I am:


I thought my Native American percent would be around 10-15%, non-Spanish Western European about 25% and Iberian about 60%, so I was really surprised when my Native American percent came in as high as 30% and Iberian as low as 17% (this screen shot doesn’t show the ranges). I guess you never know. Ever since I got the results, I’ve been trying to see the Native American in my face and my sibling’s faces and the only thing I’ve been able to see is that we don’t have eyelids, we have pretty pronounced cheekbones and I have a pretty wide face, but I don’t know if any of these things is characteristic of the Native American peoples of central Colombia. Because of the region of Colombia my parents are from, my Native American ancestry can most likely be traced back to the Muisca/Chibcha people (Wikipedia article, most of whom were destroyed by the Spaniards. Or impregnated, it seems. I’d say finding out my ancestry was well worth the $99 I spent, even if it serves no practical purpose.


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  1. I was going to guess Native American from your bone structure and European from your coloring. If it’s Spain, I’d guess it was probably near the Galician region in northwest Spain. If you Google “Chibcha people” and “Muisca people” you find photos and sculptures of people with wide faces and pronounced cheekbones.

  2. Ummmm…your ethnicity is “Gorgeous-nish” ;-P

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