I’m not usually a liar. As a kid, I sometimes took the fall for things I didn’t even do, mostly because it was usually my fault and when it wasn’t it very easily could have been. I suffered – and still suffer, actually – from general guilt syndrome. But despite my usual affinity for honesty, I found myself involved in a pretty elaborate (and unnecessary) lie today.

As I have every Monday morning for the last three weeks I went to visit  Bao today at 7am. After my Wednesday session, Bao instructed me to run a mile in high/low intervals, do a couple of weight lifting exercises, stay active during the weekend and avoid carbs as much as possible. So this morning when Bao asked me how my Friday workout and weekend eating/workout went, I found myself making stuff up. Not only making stuff up, but really making myself look good. For example, the mile he asked me to run turned into 1.5 miles, which I described as “pretty easy.” The two or three weight lifting exercises turned into 30 minutes of heavy lifting, which I also described as “pretty easy.” Except in real life I didn’t actually go back to the gym again until today. It kind of blew up in my face though because then Bao said, “Sounds good, sounds good (in a personal trainer-politician kind of way), then we’re going to kick it up a notch with the cardio/lifting since you had a pretty easy time with what I left for you to do.”

And then Bao asked me about my eating habits. Had they improved? Again, I lied, shamelessly and with abandon. I think my exact words were “I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables and haven’t really been craving carbs and processed food.” I didn’t mention my Friday night dinner of red wine and purposely burnt white rice (if you’re Latin, you know the pegadito is the best part of the rice), or about my Saturday night dinner of not one, not two but three slices of delicious apple-pecan-bacon-buffalo mozzarella-caramelized onion pizza or the next day’s grits-toast-generously buttered scrambled eggs brunch. Or Sunday night’s dinner of fully loaded nachos (Portugal-US game was very stressful and I only had a few). Anyway, now I’ve confessed my sins and it’s a new week, so here’s to a low-carb, non-processed, non-sedentary week! Also, I promise this will be my last Bao-related post for a while.

Working on my fitness.

Working on my fitness.

And lastly, this is my 400th post on this blog. Sometimes I have some vague, non-committal thoughts about making my blog less self-involved and superficial, but I’m still in the very early thinking/non-committal stages of this thought process. I realized today that I’ve pretty much documented my life over the last five years in 400 hundred short chapters – travels, relationships, breakups, fitness kicks, Latin American culture and folklore, evolving musical tastes, moods, impulses, observations, new jobs – so many little and big life events documented for all eternity on the Internet. Kind of cool but horribly narcissistic and self-important at the same time.

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  1. Well, just express yourself–that’s what blogging is about! All writing comes from ego/self no matter what the topic, so write on! Nice piece.

  2. I’d be more than glad to have you read my blog… Just take a look…. I hope you’ll like it…
    After looking at the way you write, I feel only you can tell me correctly how I write

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