Cooking Sucks

Me and the enemy.

Me and the enemy.


I have a whole new respect for cooks and fast food workers.

This past weekend I had not one but two BBQs and decided to make cheesy arepas, which are basically cornmeal stuffed with cheese then fried. I think technically they’re not supposed to be fried, but I don’t have an arepa maker or grill, so mine were extra decadent and artery-clogging. I thought if I put some happy Salsa music on and went about it in a calm, mindful, non-frantic way, it would be enjoyable: Just me creating something tasty with my own two hands. But it wasn’t enjoyable. It never is.

My plan was to make 12-15 for each BBQ, but I didn’t measure, decided I might as well use the entire bag of cornmeal and ended up making about 75, which equals about three hours in a very hot, greasy, unpleasant kitchen followed by several hours of being in a very bad mood. I take no joy in cooking. I’ve tried it a few times now and I don’t see the appeal. You have to buy all these ingredients, hope your food turns out OK and then clean up and wash a bunch of pots, pans and utensils. Where’s the fun in that???

I think I’ll just stick to sandwiches, Brussels sprouts and fried eggs for dinner. And next time I have a BBQ I’ll just walk over to Giant. Now that I’m almost 30 I think the time has come to fully commit myself to a life of moderation and careful planning.

This many would have been more than enough, but I still had a bunch left to fry.

This many would have been more than enough, but I still had a bunch left to fry.


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  1. I can only do one thing at a time when cooking for big groups or it turns into a disaster. It looks like you did a pretty good job.

  2. The key to entertaining is only doing what you are capable of. Maybe purchase the BBQ meats already prepared but making salad and dessert yourself. Or vice versa. I also am a big fan of making recipes perfect for big crowds, like sloppy joes or baked spaghetti, buy some ready-made garlic bread and bagged salad. Super easy and great for big crowds.

  3. I didn’t always enjoy cooking, but I do now. I find the pleasure of cooking to be directly connected to the pleasure of those for whom I’m cooking. Sometimes that may involve preparing small quantities of something out-of-the-ordinary (most recently, Æbleskiver) and surprising people who I know are unfamiliar with it, and then watching them enjoy the newness of it as I introduce them to it. At other times, it might involve finding out in advance what they want from the people for whom I’m cooking, and then cooking massive quantities of a familiar old staple or simple comfort food (meatloaf and mashed potatoes) for a large group of homeless people, and then knowing they’ll enjoy it if for no other reason than because they rarely get to choose what they have for a meal. I guess focusing on others helps make cooking seem less laborious and more like interacting and connecting with people. Cleaning up the dishes afterwards is still no fun though.

    • Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by! I think. Lot of people enjoy sharing their meals and I wish I was more like that. I can’t seem to get past seeing it as a chore!


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