I think I’ve Been Dumped :/

I think I’ve been dumped. First he didn’t show up. Then he texted me at 3:30am to say he “got in late” and wouldn’t be able to meet up with me the next day. Then he said he’d call to figure out what time we could meet up on Friday but I never heard from him. This morning I got a text from him saying he needs to focus on his day trading job and can’t meet up in the mornings anymore. We started off so strong but it seems things have fizzled out. Maybe Bao did not see fitness in my future.

I can already feel my tiny  right arm muscle quickly disappearing. I guess I need to start looking for a new trainer since things did not work out with this one and I have not been able to motivate myself to do one single lunge/squat/pushup/sit-up  during my first trainer-less week. Down dooby doo down down…breaking up is hard to do.

Things have taken a  downward turn.

Things have taken a downward turn.


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