High Angles, Please

If you are carrying around a few extra pounds and want a flattering picture of yourself, I recommend asking a girlfriend to do you the favor. Girls know all the right angles and poses. Guys? Not so much. Sure a guy’s picture captures the reality of the situation more honestly, but reality and honesty sometimes suck.

I always ask my best friend Rasha to take my picture before we go out so I “know how I look” and she knows exactly how to make me feel good about myself. It’s simple: It’s all about the high- from-above angle, the type that makes your head look huge and your body look tiny. Guys just snap and shoot with no regard for proper, flattering angles.

Is this just me or has anyone else noticed this?

girl vs. guy

Categories: Observations

6 replies

  1. Hah, love your ‘toons

  2. I know how to take care of my lil jijgers!! 🙂

  3. Since I avoid photos whenever possible, I hadn’t noticed this. Good hint. Next time someone insists on taking my picture I’ll agree only if they stand on a chair.

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