Amateur Squatter.

Workin' on my squat.

Workin’ on my squat.

I think Bill is on to me. And by on to me, I mean he’s realized that I’m not strong, self-motivated or a power-through-er, at least not at the gym.

He was still positive and polite during our last session, but there seemed to be less conviction and enthusiasm in his affirmations. It’s like Bill knows he needs to be encouraging and hopeful, but even he doesn’t believe his own words. I don’t blame him. When you are watching someone struggle through a set of 12 reps with five-pound dumbbells it’s hard to find the right words of encouragement.

I told Bill my last session with him left me sore and nearly unable to walk for five days, so now we’re meeting once a week instead of twice a week. I asked him if there was any hope of me developing muscles off of a once a week 30-minute session and he said no. Then he said, let’s just focus on reducing for now. Cardio is your friend. Jisel, you want to be over there (Bill pointing to the cardio section of the gym) on the machines as much as possible.

But I survived my second session with Bill and that means something, right? Even if he didn’t compliment my symmetry this time around? I think I need a really aggressive, hardcore fitness buddy.

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  1. When I started BodyPump classes (which I highly recommend– sort of choreographed weight lifting to music. My Saturday morning BodyPump class is one of the highlights of my week now), squats and lunges were killers. I was surprised, however, how quickly my body adapted to it, like it just needed a couple of weeks to figure out what I wanted it to do.

    I have no professional credentials on my side, but I am uncertain about Bill’s conclusion with the no-muscles once a week statement. With the two kids, I’m lucky if I get one outdoor run in and one BodyPump class in a single week. I try my best to walk a lot with the kids to supplement that, but for all extensive purposes I’m only weight lifting once a week. It’s subjective, but I believe my arms look better than they ever had. My conclusion– That once a week BodyPump session DOES do something. : )

  2. Hang in there. The horrible, can’t get out of a chair or pick something up off the floor hurt will pass after about 3 weeks. Then, Bill’s workouts will just make you regular hurt. I’m an ex jocko and have been through the new trainer/strength and conditioning coach/spawn of Satan more times than I can count. It always sucks. Just push through the first three weeks and you’ll settle into a routine. And do simple stuff like take the stairs or go for a 20 minute after dinner walk several times a week. There will be less of you in no time.

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