I Think my Roommate’s Cat Hates me and I Need a Vacuum.

My five glorious days of solitude are sadly coming to an end as my roommate is coming back from her pirate convention tomorrow, but it was nice while it lasted. I did a lot of stuff and learned  a lot of crap during my time alone though. For example, I learned that my roommate’s cat and I have equally low opinions of each other. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I call that cat a jerk. I’d clean the litter box (right in front of the cat, mind you) and ten minutes later, I find cat poop everywhere but the litter box. Not cool, cat. I’d expect that from Alfie but not from a cat! Anyway, that’s the first piece of crap I discovered.

My nemesis.

My nemesis.

I learned that left alone in an apartment, I watch a lot of movies. Between  Friday and today, I watched like 6 or 7. That’s like 15 hours of movie watching and I feel a little bit bad about that. I feel like I should have been out in the world doing things and taking charge but instead I was on my sofa, letting Netflix take charge.

I learned I have no idea how to cook for one. I attempted to make a bean salad to last me a few meals, and this is what happened:

It's hard to fully capture the ginormous magnitude of this salad, but I'd say it's enough to feed about 20.

It’s hard to fully gauge the ginormous magnitude of this salad, but I’d say it’s enough to feed about 20. Anybody want bean salad? 

Obviously, I will be eating bean salad for the next two weeks. I’ve never been good with moderation.

Another important lesson I learned is that having a vacuum — a life-size vacuum — is important when one is an adult. I decided to vacuum my entire 1,000 square foot apartment because I was on one of those self-improvement kicks except we don’t technically have an actual, normal sized working vacuum. So I did the job with one of those tiny dust buster type vacuums. This turned out to be highly uncomfortable and painful. Also, the vacuum died about every five minutes so it was a very lengthy ordeal.

Not the most natural position to spend two hours in.

Not the most natural position to spend two hours in.

Because I never fail to wake up at the crack of dawn and I didn’t have to worry about waking up my roommate, I made smoothies every morning. I did all kinds of smoothie experiments. Below is a picture of my favorite, made with a healthy dose of spinach, cucumber, grapes, blueberries, kiwi, banana, coconut water, mint and cinnamon. I learned that I need to find a way to make the color a little less offensive.

I call this the fibernator.

I call this the Fibernator. It may not be for everyone, but I had trouble committing to just  two or three ingredients.

And lastly, I made a very delightful discovery during my lunch break: Giant sells “personal” watermelons! For some reason, this pleased me very much and I felt I had to buy one. As an almost 30 year-old single woman, I found it very reassuring that Giant is thoughtful enough to sell mini-fruit appropriate for one. Honestly, I don’t really like watermelon that much, but at that moment, I really felt like giant was in solidarity with me.

My adorable personal watermelon.

My adorable personal watermelon.

All in all, a nice five days of living alone. I felt like a real grownup.

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