Leaf Patterns

I’m what you might call a fixator. I get into things and I become kind of obsessed with them for a little while, then move on to something else. For example, I get interested in a particular city, region, hobby, activity, etc., read about it/study it/do it for a while and then move on. Yesterday I took my dog on a mid-morning walk and got fixated on the patterns trees make when you look up. I’d never noticed them before, but they are pretty cool looking, especially with fall colors. I felt kind of like a birdwatcher…except I guess I was being more like a tree-watcher. Which sounds even more boring and nerdy because at least birds fly and move around. Trees just stand around in the same spot forever and ever. I guess I’ll need some more exciting hobbies unless I want to be single forever…

Anyway, some of these patterns look like they’d make pretty wallpaper. These were taken with my iphone 5 so some are a little blurry, but it was interesting to see how the canopy changes as you walk through the forest.

LEAF Pattern 2

Leaf Pattern 1.

Leaf Pattern 3

Leaf pattern 2


Leaf Pattern 4

Leaf pattern 3. This is one of my favorites. It’s so colorful it almost looks like a painting.

Leaf pattern 5

Leaf pattern 4.

Leaf Pattern 6

Leaf pattern 5. It seems like most of the leaves this year went straight to brown or turned a shade of yellow and this is one of the few red trees I saw on my walk.

Leaf Pattern 7

Leaf pattern 6.

Leaf Pattern 8

Leaf pattern 7.

Leaf Pattern 10

Leaf pattern 8.

Leaf pattern 11

Leaf pattern 9.

Leaf Pattern 12

Leaf pattern 10. I love fall and I wish it lasted for a couple more months. So sad how many trees are already bare.

Leaf Pattern 13

Leaf pattern 11.

Leaf pattern 14

Leaf pattern 12. I liked this one too. It’s a little hard to tell, but lots of different colors going on here.

Leaf Pattern 15

leaf pattern 13.

Leaf Pattern 16

Leaf pattern 14. I like this one because you can see the different kinds of leafs.

Leaf pattern 15. A little more color.

Leaf pattern 15. A little more color on a sunnier day.

Leaf pattern 16.

Leaf pattern 16.

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  1. I love leaf patterns. They often show up in my blogs. 🙂 –Curt

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