Observations from the Hustling Life: An Update

The way I'm feeling these days.

Money crush. The way I’m feeling these days.

I’ve been hustling for almost three full months now and have made a few key observations during this time:

  1. I have a whole new admiration for stay-at-home parents. I do a lot of babysitting and while I do actually enjoy being around kids’ creativity, innocence and, yes, sometimes their dictator-esque manipulation and trickiness from time to time, I don’t know how parents do it full-time. It’s so much work. It’s one thing to spend four or five hours with a couple of cute kids, but all day? No. Even if I were to become Donald Trump’s seventh wife, I’d probably work at least part-time anywhere just for the alone time. But I guess if I were Donald Trump’s seventh wife I could afford nannies and a life of leisure. Anyway, the lesson I’ve learned is this: Kids are cool and fun and adorable but they are so much work. If I ever have them I’m thinking I’ll be a morning-evenings-weekends kind of mom and send my kids to daycare where they will get lots of “character-building” opportunities. I mean, is there really anything that wrong with wanting to outsource some childcare duties?


  1. I miss the old days. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I miss 7-Eleven and Amazon and long for the days before Dave Ramsey when I had such a flippant, frivolous relationship with money. Gone are the days when I could thoughtlessly spend $30 on drinks or blow $100 on an Amazon shopping spree. Never again will I enjoy a friendly, casual relationship with money. I’ve been enlightened, made aware of my wayward ways and money and I will never be as “free” as we once were. I know holding onto money is an important part of growing up, but I can’t help feeling that life was so much more fun when I was letting go of it all over the place.


  1. Where there is a will, there is a way. But not necessarily an easy or fun way. Lots of babysitting, dog walking, dog sitting and creative fund-raising later, I’ve been able to pay off an additional $3,000 in debt, mostly on my car. At this rate, I should be able to pay my car off my July 1, and will, for the first time in 10 years, experience life without a car payment. So please, my dear little Honda Civic, don’t breakdown on me. Please don’t have any major issues for at least one year. Let me enjoy this upcoming car-payment-less period for at least a brief, fleeting moment.


  1. Although I’m all about being an independent woman blah, blah, blah, I could use a benefactor. Does anyone want to be my benefactor? I am a cause and I need help. In exchange for your kind and benevolent support (= cash flow in my direction) I promise to create astonishingly unflattering portraits of you and your loved ones. Like this portrait of Doris.
This could be yours.

This could be yours.

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  1. I totally feel your pain about the $100 Amazon shopping sprees. For me, it was Target. Freelancing has made me painfully aware of my mindless spending. I’m enjoying the freedom, but the responsibility, meh. Lol!

  2. What an interesting blog!!! I think I need a benefactor, too! Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Although my husband and I love to travel, you have a new wrinkle that we will enjoy reading about! Best wishes for a great spring!

  3. The struggle is real lol. Their marketing is genius, so technically, it’s not our fault 😉


  1. It’s a New Dawn, it’s a New Day, It’s a New Life for me…and I’m Feeling Good. | My (Former) Nomad Life

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