Things I Found While Decluttering/Minimizing


Just some of the Tupperware I’m looking to rehome.

1.) Forty-one containers of Tupperware. I was on the verge of buying more because I thought I didn’t have any, but actually, they were everywhere. Tops and bottoms were separated, but I reunited as many as possible and now I have way too many containers. I also found my mom’s missing containers. Turns out I stole them at some point. Anybody need food containers?

2.) Three tweezers, four nail clippers, six mascaras and five eyeliners. This is what happens when you’re so lazy you’d rather buy a replacement than look for the lost item.

3.) A lot of old gifts. Gifts are one of the hardest things to give away or get rid of. I had old gifts dating back to middle school, a lot of it stuff I’d completely forgotten about from people I no longer keep in touch with. Even these were hard to part with. But it was even harder to part with gifts given to me by people I care about, even if I didn’t particularly like or need the gift. There are a lot of gifts I’ve received that I really love but, as harsh as this sounds, there’s also a lot I don’t know what to do with. I think there’s a lot of guilt and sentimentality involved with getting rid of gifts you don’t really want, but in the end, I’d rather donate a gift I don’t need than keep it hidden away in some storage container for decades on end. This made me think a lot about all the bad or even just unnecessary gifts I’ve gifted people over the years; I think in the future I might focus more on giving experiences like movie tickets, massages, gift certificates to a restaurant I know the person really likes, etc., because it’s really hard for me to think of something someone really needs or wants.

4.) Storage containers. So many storage containers: Huge ones, big ones, medium ones, small ones, tiny ones, plastic ones, wicker ones, wood ones…these actually came in handy when I was organizing my closet, but I actually had three giant containers full of stuff I didn’t like but couldn’t bring myself to throw away due to sentimentality/guilt. Think about it…I had so much stuff I didn’t like that I had to buy three of those industrial-sized Walmart containers to keep it out of sight. These included aforementioned old gifts, my collections of blank postcards and knickknacks from different countries, old binders, notebooks and schoolwork and pictures…so many blurry, unflattering, awful pictures that will never be put in an album. But because it feels almost sacrilegious to throw away pictures, I kept them around for years. It was painful, but in the end, I ended up only keeping 50 or so – mostly pictures of people and places I love — things I thought I might enjoy looking at in 50 years. It’s kind of crazy that we invest all this space and money in keeping stuff we don’t like and sometimes, even storing our stuff in storage units because we feel so guilty getting rid of stuff we invested in at one point.

5.) Eleven pairs of aspirational jeans and dress pants, ranging in size from 2-10. These are pants that fit me at one point or that I hoped would fit me at some point in the future…but that don’t actually fit me now, and, in most likelihood, never will. Some of them still had tags. All were sold or donated. At least 50% of the clothes in my closet were kept around or even purchased for a thinner version of myself who’s unlikely to make a comeback anytime soon.


There comes a time when you need to accept your skinny jeans will likely never fit you again.


6.) Many pairs of shoes I really don’t like. I mentioned this in my last post, but I really only have a few pairs of shoes I actually like. The others hurt my feet, are scuffed and worn out, unfashionable or gaudy. They bring me no joy at all. Oh, and most of my shoes look like they belong to a frumpy grandma. Not even a stylish grandma. Why do I buy stuff I don’t even like?

7.) Twenty-two scarves. Does anybody need this many scarves? Anyone interested in some pashminas?

8.) Dozens of CDs. I really hope CDs don’t make a comeback the way albums have because I threw them all out.

9.) Three old school cameras. I still don’t know what to do with these. I will never use them and I don’t even think anyone would want them if I gave them away for free. But throwing out a camera feels wrong :/.


10.) Holey socks. Ugly socks. Chronically single socks that will probably never find their match. I suppose it shines a light on the optimistic human spirit that we keep uncoupled socks around for so long.



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7 replies

  1. Haha love it! It’s inspiring to read about your efforts to transform your life in a positive manner. Enjoying the humor too 🙂

  2. What? No plastic containers from Chinese takeout? 🙂

    You might want to hang onto the scarves, if they’re nice knitted ones. I notice for some reason they aren’t making them so much any more; at least not this winter season.

    That is a shame about conventional film cameras.I gave mine away, and it was lucky to find a new home.

    As for CDs, if you still like the music, why throw them out? There may come a day when you don’t have access to that server someone is supposed to be hosting…

  3. Great list of organizational triumph! I am sure you feel lighter!

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