Fall Travels in New England


I’ve always wanted to visit New England in fall, and this year we finally went. We drove to Woodstock, New York, then on to Campton New Hampshire, Woodstock Vermont, and finally, Saratoga Springs, New York. I really love New England, because it’s old and quaint and small, and it just feels cozy. I also think it’s probably not an easy place to live, because it has four full seasons: There’s definitely snow in winter, followed by a very muddy spring season, a warm summer, and endless leaf-raking in fall. Still, if I were a famous writer or artist, I’d probably move to small-town Vermont and live on a tiny farm. Well, maybe if New England had a little more diversity! I think we’ll make New England in Fall a tradition…maybe Maine next year? Or the Finger Lakes?


Saratoga Apple Orchard in Shuylerville, NY. The apples in New York are tastier than what we can grow in Virginia; aside from honey crisp, we picked northern Spy, Empire and Crispin.


The Campton, NH town pond. We mostly explored the towns and trails on the margins of the White Mountains, and I was surprised by “unpicturesque” the New Hampshire towns we visited were. The mountains and the nature was amazing, unlike anything I’ve seen on the East Coast, but the towns themselves (and the pubs and taverns) made me feel like I was in an ’80s movie (maybe Mystic Pizza?).


Lonely roads of the White Mountains.



My husband taking a break to stop and enjoy the views on the Presidential Range Rail Trail. This rail trail is very scenic with views of New Hampshire’s tallest mountains, but it looks like it gets very few bikers; we saw a couple of walkers and birdwatchers, but the overall, the path was overgrown and abandoned-looking.


Cherry Pond. Seems to be a popular spot for bird-watching. I was hoping to see a moose, but unfortunately, my three year quest to see a moose hasn’t been successful yet!


These views made me feel like I was in Alaska or Colorado!


The landscape was surprisingly green in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, and we were told it was an unusually late fall. But we did see some nice color on the Presidential range rail trail.



We didn’t get much sun during our time in New Hampshire, but the lighting was great for pictures. This is from an empty road in the White Mountains.



The view from the ledge on Welch Mountain. It was too late in the day to the full 4.5 mile loop, but we still got a great view and we didn’t even make it to the summit!

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