Suburban Farm Tourism #1

I’ve decided to start my love where you live project by exploring hyper local agriculture/farming, mostly because I’ve always loved the idea of farm life (in a strictly hypothetical way). A quick google search brought up five “farms” within 15 minutes of my house: Cox Farms, Ticonderoga Farms, White Hall Farm, Cerritos Farm and Frying Pan Farm. Frying Pan Farm is the easiest to visit because 1.) It’s not a real farm. It’s a petting zoo that interprets 1920s farm life and 2.) It’s run by the county, and therefore, free and open to the public on a daily basis. One of the nice things about Fairfax County is that we have hundreds of miles of walking trails and biking trails, as well as dozens of free parks. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to visit this place. I like seeing barns, fields, greenery and farm animals, and now that I have a baby, I have an excuse to go. I had a much better time than the baby though, who mostly slept the whole time.

It was way too hot, but we spent a pleasant hour here. I hope to go back in fall when the weather’s a little more tolerable and the baby is a little more…interactive.

F.F baby and goat

Showing the baby goats for the first time. She was not impressed and didn’t open her eyes :/

F.F chickens

Chickens! This one looks like an owl…

F.F goat

Hungry goat. 

F.F husband and baby

Neither husband nor baby were having as good a time as I was…

F.F K and J

Refused to wake up…

F.F Sheep Multiple

Sheep in the barn. 

F.F sheep

Sheep in the field. 

F.F Turkey

I had no idea that adult male turkeys look like they’re wearing intestines on their faces. This was a revelation to me. 

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