Today Was A Good morning

Good morning 6

It was 60 something degrees and no humidity. That’s unheard of this time of year in Virginia. I happily walked the almost half mile from my house to our community pool, not one bead of perspiration forming at my hairline. Between 6:15 and 7:15, I swam 44 gloriously leisurely laps alongside my fellow adult swim team swimmers, surrounded on all sides by maturing oaks and whatever other trees they plant in the suburbs. Did I mention I joined adult swim team? I did. For the low price of $162, I get the privilege of swimming laps in an almost empty pool. Our coach, I’ll call her Barb, tries to correct my form so I can be more “efficient” in the water (code: faster), but let’s be real: I’m not really trying to be a better swimmer. I’m perfectly happy with my sloppy, lumbering freestyle. I aspire to be nothing more than a mediocre swimmer. I just want to swim for the joy of swimming. And as I swam (my elbows too stiff, my kicks too splash-y), I almost felt like I was a resort pool, and life was good. 

Good morning 1

On my way home, I noticed the flowers were a-bloomin’. Really, have you seen a nicer shade of green and orange? It’s nice to live in a place with flowers. 

Good morning 2

And I thought to myself: Props, HOA, for stepping up your landscaping game. It’s really nice to live in a place with flowers.  (I do think they need a little more size variety for added depth).

Good morning 4

There I was, walking around, my wet bathing suit soaking through my pants, and I could care less. I was just like, thank you, HOA, for keeping our common areas mowed, our bushes evenly clipped, and our trees mulched. A+++ for effort. I mean, look at the pure geometry of that tree circle and the clean edges of that bush!

Good morning 5

And I was like, Lifestyle at Sully Station looks like a great place to live. More mulch, more flowers blooming — who wouldn’t want to live here? (I actually don’t — I’m one development over. But it looks like a nice place to live). 

Good morning 3

As I looked out onto the people-less horizon of our well-paved street, I thought to myself: Even the cars seems shinier today.

The End. 


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