Best of OKC





Too forward.


I admit it…this one made me laugh.

OKC babies

Way too forward.


Too much, too soon.


Thank you, but too forward.

message 1

geez….I just wasn’t interested.

message 2

Not exactly a message, but I needed to share. This is his profile pic.

Message 3

This one makes me kind of sad. It’s OK, guy, whatever you are.


I saw your profile and thought I should say hi! Just to be up-front, I’m a married guy looking for a bit of a fling, hopefully with someone friendly and fun to be around. My apologies if you’re not at all interested in this. Happy to chat either way.

Would you be interested in a mutually beneficial encounter? I am very talented and can teach you a lot.

You are so VERY sexy.  I’ll love to take you on a date…coffee…dinner…a marriage…whatever you have time for.

Hello good morning nice to meet you how is your day going today???!!!! and you look really pretty and beautiful in your pictures!!! And I would like to get to know you and chat I’m ___ in ____ here is my number ____!!!! so text me text me text me your beautiful 🙂🙂🙂 so text me aww your cute!!!!???!!!

I am very masculine but enjoy the company of a beautiful woman who is feminine and intelligent, but who also has a dominant side in certain ways…some refer to what I’m looking for as a dom/sub relationship. I want a normal relationship with elements involving me being submissive to you in and out of the bedroom at times. Great taste in film, by the way.

 Are you sure you are ready for a dominant master? This is much, much more than a mere shades of grey.

I said to myself this online this is so delicate…within two lines of the conversation you can surmise that someone is either extremely cool or fun or makes you want to delete your account and run for the ocean. We have four lines to decide if the ocean is worth running for…(very poetic, but maybe too much for a an opening line?)

A buddy of mine was looking over my shoulder and claimed that – without a doubt – your profile looked to have been written by a guy. Can you clarify?

So you viewed my profile and forgot to send me an email. Do you know how great I am: If you did, you would have sent an email begging to take me to drinks and then you would beg to pay for them. Try again.

Woah, woah, woah, stay right there, I have to go call Heaven. An angel is missing.

Pardon me for being forward, but you look like a secure submissive (compliment). Just a guess. BTW, I’m blunt and don’t beat around the bush.

Hey u wanna be activity partners? (what kind of activity???)

Are you submissive?

Want to go camping?


Meggo 2

Meggo 3

meggo 4





7 replies

  1. Omg – these are hilarious! I’ll go back and check my OKC, but I never get creepy messages of this caliber!

  2. “Are you submissive? Want to go camping?” I like to think that those two are part of the same message. “Great taste in film, by the way.” You’re definitely better than a luxury car with the best performance, because you’re funnier. Uh, this comment makes it sound like I’m hitting on you… oh well.

  3. Hang in there, took me around 30 gone-wrong dates to meet my boyfriend. He is a keeper. Most guys there just want casual sex. Good thing is that they will hint it right away.

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