Check it Out!

I had a little Bogota, Colombia blurb published in the reader submission section of the Washington Post travel section…very exciting! Interested? Read it here!    

Goodbye, Colombia

So I’m back from Bogotá. It was a nice relaxing vacation, consisting mostly of hanging out with my grandma, going on long walks with my sister and lots and lots of telenovela watching. It was nice to hang out with my… Read More ›

A Day of Nothing

Whenever I do absolutely nothing (productive) in a day, I get this restless, guilty feeling that I can’t really shake until I do something productive. So I decided to get out of the apartment and head to my current favorite… Read More ›

Is This Normal?

Is it normal for me to be feeling so sore two days after jogging a total of 7.5 minutes? Granted, I skipped the whole stretching part and apparently that helps, but if this is how I feel after 7.5 minutes…… Read More ›

Trip Down Memory Lane

I woke up today feeling inexplicably nostalgic for Colombia. Actually, it’s really not all that inexplicable. It started with the German Gourmet. Things like that are common in Colombia — things that don’t seem to fit in with their surroundings and make… Read More ›