Below you will find a typical conversation with my grandma. I suppose that because I’m not particularly intrigued by people’s eating habits, I find it fascinating that my grandma is. Grandma: What did you eat for lunch? Me: A tamal…. Read More ›


In order to combat my general dreariness due to Bogota dreariness, I’ve decided to dedicate my evenings to making watercolor flowers to see if they cheer me up. I regret outlining my orchid, but what’s done is done.

My Monkey

Interesting facts of the week: (1) After surviving a nearly fatal bout of chorizo food poisoning/rum hang over, I felt great for a day then got an equally lethal cold. Except I’m still alive. I couldn’t tell my grandma because… Read More ›

A Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day. I spent Thursday evening drinking rum and eating arepas and chorizo from street vendors. I’m not sure if the rum or chorizo is the culprit, but the good news is I think I’ve lost… Read More ›

My Day

Today was a miraculously sunny day in Bogota. No clouds and not one rain drop. I was talking to my boyfriend on gchat today and told him he was a jackass because he asked for the translation of “burro.” Of… Read More ›

The Gym

I’ve found my gym motivation. I don’t know how long it will last, but ever since I discovered that the machines at my gym have cable TV, working out doesn’t seem so bad. A few weeks ago, the gym doctor… Read More ›

A New Restaurant

Today, much to my dismay, my overpriced neighborhood cafe was closed, so I went in search of a new place to work and stumbled on Le Fusionario ( El Fusionario is a really tiny restaurant with green carpet on one… Read More ›

Funny Salami Cliparts

My blog has a feature that lets me see the search engine terms that send people to my blog. Among these are: “funny salami cliparts,” “parrot hair bad,” “Colombian men in bed,” “bird with feather on head,” “bird with head… Read More ›


Lately I’ve been entertaining myself by drawing. Here you have a monkey wearing a shirt. I don’t know why I enjoy drawing cartoon animals so much, but I do.  You’ll also notice my nicely manicured nails, painted “blood of the… Read More ›