I think that morality is a little more flexible in Latin America than in the United States, and politicians are very easily forgiven when the next guy comes and leaves the country worse off than the guy before him. I… Read More ›

What to do

In our resolve to see all of Bogota, Ivan and I took a transmilenio to the south of Bogota’s last week. As I have heard many things about the south (mostly bad) but have never actually gone, this area of… Read More ›

Oh Nostalgia, how Nostalgic you Make me Feel.

Even the street people in her recollections are remembered lovingly: La Loca Margarita who dressed completely in red and walked up and down the Septima in the 1930s and 40s with a basket of flowers and fruit, shouting “Que viva el gran partido liberal, abajo los Godos” (long live the liberal party, down with the Godos (conservative party)

Marriage Proposal

Yesterday I got proposed to for the first time in Colombia. It was not a particularly romantic or tempting proposal. But I do appreciate the guys honesty. Here’s how it went down: Guy: I want to leave Colombia and go… Read More ›

A Day at the Tailor’s

Because I have only one pair of pants that currently fits me despite my recent frappaccino craze (yay unintended weight loss!), yesterday afternoon I hit the backstreets behind my apartment in search of a tailor. I unfortunately can’t afford to… Read More ›

Colombian Honesty

Today I was telling the lady who helps my grandmother that I ate a brownie. She told me I was too fat and how did I expect to lose weight eating brownies. My American sensibilities are not used to such… Read More ›

I Got Held-up.

As the title indicates, I got held-up today. I was making my way to the bus this morning when a woman came up to me and demanded I give her the COL$5,000 bill I was carrying in my hand. Taken… Read More ›

Street Flattery

I have reached the point where if I go out and no one catcalls me, my day doesn’t feel complete. I assume something must be wrong with the men, because of course, there can’t possibly be anything wrong with me. That’s the kind… Read More ›

A Day at the Beauty Salon

This afternoon, three generations headed to the beauty salon: My grandmother, my mother and myself. The salon was creatively called “Hair and Care.” As my mother and I are undergoing dental surgery tomorrow, we decided to treat ourselves before the… Read More ›

Street Life

Like any major city worth mentioning, Bogota has an active and entertaining street life (and I don’t mean the pay-by-the-hour illicit type, although there’s plenty of that as well, if you’re interested). You can be perfectly entertained without entering a… Read More ›