Colombian culture

Is This Normal?

Is it normal for me to be feeling so sore two days after jogging a total of 7.5 minutes? Granted, I skipped the whole stretching part and apparently that helps, but if this is how I feel after 7.5 minutes…… Read More ›

My Knitting Club

Today I attended my first knitting class. Pictured below, you can see my first creation, an unattractive, pine green scarf  made through a sort of finger-weaving technique. It’s about ten feet long and has yarn “pelos” sprouting all over. Apparently,… Read More ›


Today I walked from work to my apartment. I teach at a multinational pharmaceutical company near Parque de la 93. For those of you not familiar with Parque de la 93, it’s a pleasant urban park surrounded by upscale cafes,… Read More ›


A European friend recently told me he found Americans to be very superficial, far more than Colombians. Initially, I was offended. While MTV and E! might make it seem like we all sit around in big houses thinking about what… Read More ›


Below you will find a typical conversation with my grandma. I suppose that because I’m not particularly intrigued by people’s eating habits, I find it fascinating that my grandma is. Grandma: What did you eat for lunch? Me: A tamal…. Read More ›