Las Simples Cosas

This is currently one of my favorite songs. It’s called Las Simples Cosas and my favorite version is a flamenco-influenced rendition by Martirio, although it’s also sung by Buika, Chavela Vargas and Mercedes Sosa among others. My favorite stanza says:… Read More ›


One of the nice things about Colombia is that I can take a taxi for 40 blocks for just under $3. This comes in handy when I wake up late, which is at least 50 percent of the time.

Getting Old

This is my last month being 26. Which I think means I’m about to enter my late twenties (scary!) and 30 is just three years away. My boyfriend turns 30 next month. 27 and 30 sounds so much more grown… Read More ›

New Happenings

My dad left today. Yesterday, my dad, boyfriend, and I went out for pizza and beer in my apartment. Luckily, it seems all parties get along. In other lucky news, I’ve been getting a lot of classes and have an… Read More ›

I Love Sundays

Sundays are my favorite day of the week, especially when Monday is a puente (holiday) as it so often is in Colombia. My dad is visiting so we spent most of the afternoon in Usaquen, where we went to the… Read More ›

Is Bogota Safe?

Thanks to cocaine and Pablo Escobar, Colombia has a reputation as a dangerous, mysterious country that is best avoided. Although this reputation has faded somewhat in the last few years, most people who find out I’m living in Colombia almost… Read More ›


I went to dinner with a few friends this past week, two of whom were leaving soon. My friend Francesca asked if I would miss all the compliments and “piropos” that are inherent to living in Colombia. The answer is… Read More ›


Because of final exams and papers, I took a break from blogging. The good news is that I’m officially done with my first semester of grad school! Just six semesters and two years of supervision to go and I’ll be… Read More ›