Villa de Leyva

My dad is visiting right now. I’ve discovered that in order to stay happy in Colombia, it’s important to leave Bogota once in a while, get away from the clouds, sad pine mountains, pollution, chaotic architecture and big city atmosphere…. Read More ›

Tierra Caliente

Spent a few days in San Gil with my blonde-haired sister, who might as well be Miss. America in small town Colombia. Or in all of Colombia. Blondes are a rare and highly pursued commodity here. Brunettes not so much…. Read More ›

Street Flattery

I have reached the point where if I go out and no one catcalls me, my day doesn’t feel complete. I assume something must be wrong with the men, because of course, there can’t possibly be anything wrong with me. That’s the kind… Read More ›

A Day at the Beauty Salon

This afternoon, three generations headed to the beauty salon: My grandmother, my mother and myself. The salon was creatively called “Hair and Care.” As my mother and I are undergoing dental surgery tomorrow, we decided to treat ourselves before the… Read More ›

Street Life

Like any major city worth mentioning, Bogota has an active and entertaining street life (and I don’t mean the pay-by-the-hour illicit type, although there’s plenty of that as well, if you’re interested). You can be perfectly entertained without entering a… Read More ›