D.C Dating Scene

It’s a competitive market out there.

Is This Normal?

Is it normal for me to be feeling so sore two days after jogging a total of 7.5 minutes? Granted, I skipped the whole stretching part and apparently that helps, but if this is how I feel after 7.5 minutes…… Read More ›

Online Dating Update #3

I’ve been on this dating website for about a month now, so I figured it’s about time for another update. This past weekend I had several dates that required me to drive into D.C (not exactly my forte) and resulted in… Read More ›

Online Dating Update

So I’ve been on this dating website for about a week now. I made some slight changes to my profile after consulting with a few friends who said 1.) My pictures were too emo and not very flattering and 2.)… Read More ›

Single in D.C: Now What?

So I am now definitely, unequivocally single and It’s time for me to delve into something I’ve never explored before: Dating in the D.C area. I left the leafy suburbs of northern Virginia for the higher (more polluted) altitudes of… Read More ›