When Northern Virginians go out in nature, they generally like going to Skyline/Shenandoah National Park, a nice, scenic area with mountains, rivers, water falls and lots and lots of nature-y things.This weekend I went camping at Low Water Bridge Campground with some… Read More ›

Anatomy of a Latin Tiendita

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (here and here and here for example) I spend a lot of time in a couple mostly Latino suburban neighborhoods. And as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I spent much of my time in Bogotá ordering Coke Zero and… Read More ›

Consejera y Curandera

I spend most of my days in a heavily Latino neighborhood and often feel like I haven’t left Chapinero in Bogota. Most of the shops and stores are run by and cater to the Latino community, most churches offer Spanish-language services and… Read More ›