D.C, Maryland and Virginia.

Consejera y Curandera

I spend most of my days in a heavily Latino neighborhood and often feel like I haven’t left Chapinero in Bogota. Most of the shops and stores are run by and cater to the Latino community, most churches offer Spanish-language services and… Read More ›

Jogging Club

Yesterday my friend Kim joined me and Tanya for our second jogging club get together. My best friend was in the hospital for a couple of weeks so we went off the program while she got better, but now we’re back! Though not… Read More ›

New Suburban Find: Mosaic District

Last night I met some friends for happy hour at Matchbox in the relatively new Mosaic District in the Fairfax/Falls Church/Merrifield area.  The original plan was to watch The Great Gatsby afterwards but this didn’t exactly pan out. I haven’t been able to pinpoint… Read More ›

Cheapest Pizza Ever?

If you’re ever feeling simultaneously hungry and poor, I recommend Little Caesars Pizza. I often feel this way so imagine my delight when I discovered Little Caesars Pizza in Springfield today. For only $5, you get an entire pizza! That’s… Read More ›

Paeonian Springs

A few weeks ago, my dad and I biked the Leesburg to Purcellville portion of the WO&D Trail. There are fewer people than the eastern portion in Arlington and Fairfax and it’s mostly all bikes because access points are more spread out. The… Read More ›

Online Dating and Skid Row

I strongly advise against going on a documentary binge when you’re feeling down. The documentary is rarely a happy art form. Even if you try to go for something seemingly non-depressing like “Yellowstone Revisited” or “Life in the Serengeti,” you… Read More ›

Northside Social: Great Clarendon Hangout

It’s hard to describe exactly what kind of place Northside Social is. Independent hipster coffeehouse? Laid-back yuppie wine bar? Neighborhood hangout? All three? If Northside Social were located in another neighborhood it would probably be considered a hipster hangout – think garage-like… Read More ›

Orange Line Project

I’ve been trying to think of interesting things I can write about in my blog (besides myself…I think this is getting old and I’m just not that interesting) and got the idea the other day to do a sort of… Read More ›

Family Dinner

Tonight for the first time in a long time the whole family was together. My brother came home from college (he’s all done…we’re getting so old) and my sister came to visit. It was nice to have the whole family… Read More ›