My good old home town!

Online Dating and Skid Row

I strongly advise against going on a documentary binge when you’re feeling down. The documentary is rarely a happy art form. Even if you try to go for something seemingly non-depressing like “Yellowstone Revisited” or “Life in the Serengeti,” you… Read More ›

Family Dinner

Tonight for the first time in a long time the whole family was together. My brother came home from college (he’s all done…we’re getting so old) and my sister came to visit. It was nice to have the whole family… Read More ›

Pink Gumballs

This morning as I was driving into work I remembered this guy I dated when I was 19. I haven’t thought of him in years, but I think Facebook told me a while back that he’s married with a baby now…. Read More ›

A Brief Introduction

As part of the initial planning phase of my Hometown Project, I’ve started doing a bit of Internet research into Centreville. Aside from current statistical information, there isn’t much information available. This leads me to believe that Centreville has never… Read More ›