Introducing the Family

I’ve decided the time has come to introduce my family. As you can tell from this brilliantly rendered work of art, my mother has great hair, my father’s impeccable sense of style is inspired by period-piece British detective shows, my… Read More ›

You Get What You Give

In continuation of the Me, Me, Me theme that has dominated this month’s blog entries, I’ve decided to update my loyal readers yet again on the status of my life. This has been a weird month. Lots of changes and transitions and… Read More ›

Family Resemblance?

My parents recently sold our house and are in the process of going through box after box of “memories.” It’s hard to throw away memories, but are they actually valuable if they’re stored away in some box you’ll only ever… Read More ›

Black Sheep of the Family

I have this family member I rarely talk about on my blog because he’s not very bright and has serious behavioral issues. I’m not going to sugarcoat things: Unless he’s sleeping, he is, quite frankly, a complete asshole. His name is Alfonso… Read More ›

Mother’s Day

Because my Mom decided she wanted to spend Mother’s Day with my aunt in Miami, my dad, my sister and I spent the day with my grandma. My grandma has three favorite restaurants: IHOP, La Madeline and Silver Diner. I’ve… Read More ›