Me, Me, Me

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Aggressive Trees

I had a great start to my weekend. Yesterday my friends Rasha and Tamara met me at Taqueria el Poblano, a really tiny, apparently very popular Mexican place on Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray. Seriously, I had to wait… Read More ›

Me, the Superhero.

Today I decided to climb the stairs at my place instead of taking the elevator. So I put Work on my iphone (what better stair-climbing music?) and walked up fourteen flights of stairs in three minutes. That’s 196 stairs. When I… Read More ›

A Day of Nothing

Whenever I do absolutely nothing (productive) in a day, I get this restless, guilty feeling that I can’t really shake until I do something productive. So I decided to get out of the apartment and head to my current favorite… Read More ›

Accomplishments and Goals

Because a personal blog is nothing if not narcissistic and self-absorbed, I’ve decided to celebrate Christmas and prepare for the New Year by well, celebrating me.  The following positive things happened this year: 1.) Everyone in my family is doing well and… Read More ›

Introducing the Family

I’ve decided the time has come to introduce my family. As you can tell from this brilliantly rendered work of art, my mother has great hair, my father’s impeccable sense of style is inspired by period-piece British detective shows, my… Read More ›

Death of a Cell Phone

My cell phone was murdered today. By me. Actually it was more like negligent homicide because it wasn’t premeditated or intentional, but that doesn’t really change the end result. It all started after my lunch break. I was walking back… Read More ›

Goodbye, 28.

I don’t really care much for birthdays. Especially mine. If anything, I think I should be celebrating my mom for all her hard work rather than celebrating myself. Call me a Debbie Downer, but why would I want to celebrate… Read More ›