Making myself better, one step at a time.

The Ben Franklin Approach

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’ve had some…struggles with fitness. I get motivated, then unmotivated, lose five pounds,  gain ten pounds, commit to exercise…and then commit to Netflix. I have pure intentions, but it’s the… Read More ›

Amateur Squatter.

I think Bill is on to me. And by on to me, I mean he’s realized that I’m not strong, self-motivated or a power-through-er, at least not at the gym. He was still positive and polite during our last session, but… Read More ›


I’m not usually a liar. As a kid, I sometimes took the fall for things I didn’t even do, mostly because it was usually my fault and when it wasn’t it very easily could have been. I suffered – and… Read More ›

Down to the Last Few Days

One of those fitness posts. Countdown to Colombia: 5 days Days since Pre-Colombian boot camp started: 13 Pounds lost: 5. I guess those extra 2 pounds really were water weight. So really, more like 2 pounds gained. Number of times I’ve done Zumba… Read More ›

Morning Workout?

As you may know, I just started my pre-Colombian boot camp yesterday. A friend suggested the Insanity workout program for weight loss, and, as it  turns out, another friend of mine bought the DVDs a while ago and told me I could borrow… Read More ›