I’m not usually a liar. As a kid, I sometimes took the fall for things I didn’t even do, mostly because it was usually my fault and when it wasn’t it very easily could have been. I suffered – and… Read More ›

You Get What You Give

In continuation of the Me, Me, Me theme that has dominated this month’s blog entries, I’ve decided to update my loyal readers yet again on the status of my life. This has been a weird month. Lots of changes and transitions and… Read More ›

Boldly Dressed

One of the effects of living in Latin America for four years and then working in a mostly Latino community for the last few months is that I am rarely shocked by color, whether it’s bright pink lipstick, magenta hair,… Read More ›

I’m Getting Old

If you know me well, you know I have an irrational fear of aging. Actually, irrational is probably not the right word because I will get old, no matter what I do, so it’s not like this fear is unfounded…. Read More ›

American Pedicure

I was really excited to write about my American pedicure experience, but sadly, I have little to report. Yes,  it was lovely and relaxing and wonderfully clean with New Age-y music playing in the background, Asian-inspired decor and an assortment… Read More ›