Like much of the world, we’ve been under (very wishy-washy) shelter-in-place orders here in Virginia. I haven’t socialized with anyone outside my household, gone to a grocery store, restaurant, or to my office, in over a month. It’s the one… Read More ›

The Beartooth Highway

I’m having nomadic withdrawals right now and fantasizing about a life on the road; since I can’t actually go anywhere at this particular moment, I thought it would be a good time to relive my Rocky Mountain 2015 summer vacation… Read More ›

Leaf Patterns

I’m what you might call a fixator. I get into things and I become kind of obsessed with them for a little while, then move on to something else. For example, I get interested in a particular city, region, hobby,… Read More ›

Same Place, No Fog

On Wednesday after work I decided to go back to the Belle Haven Marina and Dyke Marsh for a nice sunset walk. It was a very different place than it was on Saturday morning; still a nice enough place but I’ve… Read More ›