Nostaliga…one of my favorite pastimes.

A Day of Nothing

Whenever I do absolutely nothing (productive) in a day, I get this restless, guilty feeling that I can’t really shake until I do something productive. So I decided to get out of the apartment and head to my current favorite… Read More ›

Paeonian Springs

A few weeks ago, my dad and I biked the Leesburg to Purcellville portion of the WO&D Trail. There are fewer people than the eastern portion in Arlington and Fairfax and it’s mostly all bikes because access points are more spread out. The… Read More ›

Las Simples Cosas

This is currently one of my favorite songs. It’s called Las Simples Cosas and my favorite version is a flamenco-influenced rendition by Martirio, although it’s also sung by Buika, Chavela Vargas and Mercedes Sosa among others. My favorite stanza says:… Read More ›

Boxcar Children

When I was a kid I loved to read. I still love to read but not quite as obsessively these days. Plus, there’s the whole job/adult thing that really puts a damper on things. I remember my mom would condemn… Read More ›


So I often hear how people nowadays have no values, that humanity is a thing of the past, and that, basically, people were more moral back in the good old days. I wonder if any scientific studies have actually been… Read More ›

Oh Nostalgia, how Nostalgic you Make me Feel.

Even the street people in her recollections are remembered lovingly: La Loca Margarita who dressed completely in red and walked up and down the Septima in the 1930s and 40s with a basket of flowers and fruit, shouting “Que viva el gran partido liberal, abajo los Godos” (long live the liberal party, down with the Godos (conservative party)

Road Trips

In a valiant attempt to rise out of poverty, I’ve written about 20 articles since Monday. Most are only 300-500 words and the actual writing part doesn’t take that long, but the research can be a bit tedious and tiring…. Read More ›

Wilson Philips

My sister reminded me yesterday that when we were little, she, Kim and I used to pretend we were the singers from Wilson Philips. My sister was the cute blonde one. Kim was the attractive brunette. And who was I?… Read More ›