Tiny Houses and Simplified Living

I’ve always been fascinated by small, enclosed spaces. When I was little, I liked creating these miniature drawings of make-believe ladybug, fairy, leprechaun and elf worlds transpiring under ordinary mushrooms, flowers or blades of grass that towered over the tiny creatures they… Read More ›

High Angles, Please

If you are carrying around a few extra pounds and want a flattering picture of yourself, I recommend asking a girlfriend to do you the favor. Girls know all the right angles and poses. Guys? Not so much. Sure a… Read More ›

West Virginia

When you live in a place like the D.C area, you sometimes forget that the vast majority of the country feels very different. In some ways, D.C is a bubble: Relatively wealthy, highly educated, opportunities for most (arguably), culture, sophistication,… Read More ›

Stepping Stones

My sister’s getting married in October and on Saturday we visited a nearby bridal shop to watch her try on dresses. It’s actually more fun than I thought, watching a would-be bride try on dresses ranging from over-the-top cupcake-like monstrosities… Read More ›