Is This Normal?

Is it normal for me to be feeling so sore two days after jogging a total of 7.5 minutes? Granted, I skipped the whole stretching part and apparently that helps, but if this is how I feel after 7.5 minutes…… Read More ›

Standing in Line

Standing in line today in Safeway, I had the following conversation: Man with long grey hair combed back, wearing a red Hawaiian shirt artfully decorated with surfboards and race cars with khakis and loafers regarding a 20 something hipster wearing… Read More ›


One of the things I’ve noticed since coming back to the U.S is how big everything is. And I don’t just mean the people. By all reasonable analyses, my house is small by Fairfax County standards. They don’t even make… Read More ›


Ever since I’ve moved to Colombia I’ve become interested in eyes. Why? Because people here are. In the U.S I got a few comments here and there about my eyes, but here I feel special. Because light eyes are much… Read More ›


At least 90% of my friends and guys I’ve dated have been first-born children. I wonder if first-borns attract first-borns?

Reality — or not.

Because I read perezhilton.com, I know about this supposedly “shocking” biography about Oprah coming out soon. In the biography, the writer alleges that Oprah didn’t actually grow up poor, that she was quite spoiled and well-off. Supposedly when Oprah’s aunt… Read More ›

Cookies and Pizza

I have yet to find a place in Bogota that makes good chocolate chip cookies and puts decent amounts of tomato sauce on their pizza. I have seen tomato plantings in Colombia, so it can’t be due to lack of… Read More ›